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We work with local suppliers and keep a close eye on the quality of our food.

In the last few years, we have moved with the times and are happy to offer a vegan version of our popular CultCurrywurst.

In addition, you will always find special seasonal dishes, which are advertised separately at the restaurant.


The Classic. We purchase the sausages from a local producer. They get just the right zing with our own sauce. If you prefer to eat spicy, we know how to heat things up with Cayenne pepper.

And YES, there is a vegan option! Our plant-based sausages are made from seitan (wheat gluten) and taste just as good.

Our assortment of sausages

Bratwurst Thuringian style

Do our "Thüringer Art" sausages have to travel all the way up north from Thuringia in Eastern Germany?
No! Our local supplier knows the recipe for the well-known German sausage speciality very well. With its mildly spicy herb blend, it is a delight straight off the grill and beloved by all ages.

Hamburger RiesenCultKnacker

That word is quite a mouthful – and so is our Knackwurst! It's just the thing for those who still have a lot on their plate. With our cooked classic, they literally have.


If you're in the market for a savoury ham sausage that has a hint of garlic, you'll love our fried kielbasa (but we call it "Krakauer"). Insider tip from our regulars: Krakauer with curry powder and sauce is a match made in heaven!


A normal bratwurst from the grill, what could possibly go wrong with that? A lot, that's our opinion. That's why we've been practising for 75 years to prepare the best version of what may very well be our German national dish.

And what's on the side?


Our fries are crisp and hot, our guests can be sure of that at all times - whether they come to us first thing in the morning or are on their way home from partying on the Reeperbahn. With a portion of CurryCultCetchup or CultMayo, the delicious snack becomes perfect.

By the way: we serve thicker fries than anywhere else - we're just like your grandma and can't stand the thought of you leaving us hungry.


Slice of bread

We serve our sausage specialities with slices of fresh baguette bread, delivered to us by a local artisan baker.